Team of TMSP


Rafael M, Juvida

He is the founder and President of the Mars Society Philippines or better known as (TMSP) a non-profit organization that focuses on Medical fields, Martian education, and other key areas.

Through TMSP, there is a growing partnership and collaboration going on between organizations and companies. Known as a voracious reader as well. He is a space enthusiast, who strongly supports several projects for the betterment of humanity. Aside from that, he is also a poet who wrote about countless issues and deep things, and a musician and composer as well.

Currently, a Radiologic Technologist from the University of Makati. He believes that grit is as important to a smart person, because brilliant underachievers aren’t brilliant at all, and the ability to execute the task is the most important. He is a man who extends his hands to others.

Vice President/Co-Founder

Jayco Belle Punay

She is the Vice President of the Mars Society Philippines. She studies Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and is currently in her freshman year, and she took this course because of her huge interest in computers and cutting-edge technology. After that, she would still have to acquire her pilot licenses and pursue her Master’s degree (still in the field of engineering) since higher education is more desirable for it gives you additional and extensive experience, and finally, she aspires to be an astronaut (Lakanaut).

Members and Partners of the Mars Society

Chris Kent

He is the current partner of TMSP. He is an educator and business professional focused on innovation. His personal mission is building schools in the developing world that create opportunities for students with little. His team and the team of TMSP will teach advanced agronomy, commerce, design, food, robotics, systems, and space: Earth Farms & Space Science. Through this dual focus STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) program we find bright stars – the future innovators that humanity needs. SRG is the media distribution, HR, and publication arm for school-level production units. Global media funds the construction of local schools. Through our STEAM advocacy, consulting, content, and scientific initiatives we help our students build careers worldwide. Publication of open-source data, designs, and resources helps anyone emulate our successes.

Julyn Rose V. Peliña

She is a Core member of the Mars Society Philippines. Also, the Assistant Secretary at Cavite Sky Observers and the Publicity Officer at USA Astronomy and Astrophysics Organization, an astrophile and a great sci-fi writer, and plans to take Astronomy to help her nation to build their homegrown astronomers and scientists who will do significant impact to the rest of the world.

Shoubhik Pal

He is a core member of the Mars Society Philippines. He is a Space enthusiast, an Astrophile, and is a researcher about Space Settlement, Space Robotics, Astrophysics, and Rocket Propulsion. He is currently working on few research papers for International Journals and Conferences and also helping us in the research in TMSP, and had a background in aeronautical engineering.

Shuva Das

Experienced Professional Freelancer with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry. Skilled in Internal Audit, Data Entry Expert, B2B Lead Generation, Data Scraping, Gmail Collector, Microsoft Word, Excel, Accounting, Finance, Economics and Mathematics Exam Helper & Online mentor Strong media and communication professional with a Honours focused in Accounting from National University.

Adrian Cazel Macadandang

He is a core member of the Mars Society Philippines. He had a strong interest in astronomy and space technologies my whole life. I joined The Mars Society Philippines (TMSP) earlier this year (2021) and was part of the growing group of enthusiasts. I’m also collaborating with Sunhaven Research Group (SRG) on some of their projects, together with the TMSP to build the Campuses here in the Philippines, and soon to all the rest of the world.

Khaelle Marcelino

He is a core member of TMSP, and an aspiring astrophile, and aerospace engineer. He is a STEM student and is currently studying in STI and also an intern on OrbitX. He is dreaming that one day he will become an astronaut (Lakanaut) someday.

Joshua Lao

He is an aspiring aerospace engineer currently taking BS in Mechanical Engineering at DLSU Manila. He loves rockets, planes, and bikes and enjoys hiking, gaming, and reading books. He is currently leading the finance team of Project Pagsibol, an initiative for farmers, and helping out with the budgeting and research of TMSP.