Mars Society Philippines

In 2020, Mars Society Philippines was founded when a group of individuals decided to turn their shared interests into an official Space Club.

The Mars Society Philippines (Metropolitan Area)
The Mars Society Philippines (TMSP-Metro) is also an incorporated non-profit organization that focuses on Medical fields, Martian education, and other key areas. It is part of a worldwide movement of the Mars Society with other chapters, and its goals are:

1. Encourage the general public to join in the interesting projects on TMSP-Metro

2. Undying support from government and private-funded Mars exploration programs around the world.

3. Conducting Mars exploration on a private and collaborative basis.

4. Instill the collaborative spirit of the Filipinos to participate in planetary sciences (Astronomy), Medical fields, Engineering, Industry, Commerce, and brainstorming on Martian exploration.

The TMSP is taking on the task to redefine education on Mars and its system and will conduct researches about the challenges in several scenarios in a Martian hospital and the system of education on Mars. Also, it seeks to form the Space Laws that will dictate the Martians with the concept of a Cosmic League as a new system in the space exploration era. Our vision is to position the Philippines for participation in planetary sciences in the eventual establishment of international colonies on Mars and see to it that no one will be left behind.

The Mars Society Philippines is based in Metro Manila and was composed of a group of people who shared the same common interests in science, and many other fields that will help in the advancement of the Philippines and the human race as we prepare ourselves for another breakthrough in the future. It is founded on Nov 6, 2020. It is now a necessity that we take part in world events, and especially the new space exploration today.