Flying Cars of the Philippines

If you can recount back last year, a Filipino designer turned into a web sensation a few years prior subsequent to uncovering a ‘flying vehicle.’ Air statements are all together on the grounds that the vehicle’s version looked more like a robot than a four-wheeler. Be that as it may, it was as yet a noteworthy accomplishment in any case.

Indeed, Kyxz Mendiola and his cool flying vehicle drone thing—or electric-monitored airborne vehicle (EMAV), rather—are back. The designer as of late gave the Baguio City public a review of his flying vehicle, taking it out for a speedy twirl around Burnham Park on September 1 to observe Baguio Day.


For the Philippines, it is already a yes. Kyxz was known for breaking the current Guinness World Record on the farthest hoverboard flight. Riding version 2 of a hoverboard he originally introduced back in 2017, the 40-year-old designer voyaged 2,894 meters along the oceanfront of Subic Bay in Zambales. He beat the record set by French fly ski champ Franky Zapata in 2016, which was 2,352 meters.

He is a big fan of science fiction movies like “Star Trek” and “Back to the Future,” Kyxz started dreaming about building a flying car when he got exposed to the use of RC helicopter cars and drones in filming. “Nung nag-start ang drone technology, I saw its potential,” he tells ANCX.

He began building greater robots that can convey greater cameras—there was an interest for it and there were a couple of organizations making them. Acknowledging how steady and safe the robots could be, he began considering fostering a robot airplane that can convey an individual.

Building a flying vehicle was unmistakably not straightforward. Kyxz read it for quite some time all alone. He set out to find out about each subject identified with it—from flying designing to space designing, from underlying designing to the science of batteries, magnets, wiring, and so on Google and YouTube turned into his closest companions. “I would go through six hours daily contemplating. Whatever I’m doing—regardless of whether it be recording, doing a dance execution, each possibility that I get, I’d study,” he reviews.

While studying the science behind flying cars, he was also saving up money for it. How much had he invested on his dream? “Siguro para akong nagpatayo ng bahay,” he tells ANCX. “Andun na sa point na people think I was crazy.” He was doing the same thing over and over again without any result for six years.

He purchased the fundamental parts piece by piece, until such time that he had enough to create—not a vehicle at this time, but rather a hoverboard drone multicopter.“Sabi ko, if I can make a small contraption that can carry me, I can test how strong it is. I wanted to learn the actual experience of the motors working and I, flying. I wanted to see if it will burn up, if I will die,” he says laughing.

His first flight turned out to be “a total failure.” After several failed tests, the persistent Kyxz was able to make an electric hoverboard that could float a few feet off the ground. At first, he held on to a bar to balance himself.

Following a couple of months, he had the option to test it in various areas, previously feeling somewhat like Marty McFly and Iron Man. His endeavors didn’t go unrecognized. It grabbed the eye of the media as well as of likely financial backers. Kyxz at the end endorsed with Star 8, his present colleague.

August 2018 saw the dispatch of the artist-turned-designer’s robot sports vehicle named Koncepto Millenya. The said electric monitored airborne vehicle (EMAV) can fly as high as 20 ft. also, on a speed of up to 60 kph.

Kyxz concedes there were no plans of efficiently manufacturing the hoverboard at first. It was simply going to be a venturing stone to make the flying vehicle. However, since it had such an effect after the dispatch of rendition 2, creating and selling it are presently remembered for his and Star 8’s arrangements. “Siguro we can start figuring out mass production next year. Everything really slowed down because of Covid,” he says.

Kyxz says resort and land proprietors have been asking about the developments. “With the hoverboard and the one-seater flying vehicle, they’d have the option to zoom around their hotel, or do their very own territory reconnaissance in the event that they have a major land,” he says. The two-and four-seater flying vehicles, then again, can be utilized as electric air taxis.

He’s near making his flying vehicles accessible for business utilization.

Who realized his insane dream could work out as expected? “I continued to bomb however I never halted,” he says. “You truly need to foster an endurance for disappointment for you to succeed and that is what befell me. I recently continued pushing and pushing and pushing.” And presently he’s flying with his dreams becoming reality.

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